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Click Here to Send us an Email

Autoleck UK Ltd
The Auto-Electrical Experts, Est. 1981
Autoleck UK Ltd

Quite possibly one of the most important lights in

The Vehicle. If your’s is out, your battery may not be charging properly, This is where we come in, called an AVR Test, the machine below carries out Alternator Testing, to quickly identify any faults.

Alternator Testing is by no means a simple job, certainly not for the average DIY Mechanic, systems today have changed completely. But once we have collated all the information, we can then understand your problems, then come up with a remedy to sort the situation!

We see so many problems, sometimes the Alternator may not even be at fault, things like bad earth’s and poor connections will play a big part in causing troubles. It’s better to get it checked properly, you can only do this with our method of Alternator Testing, or you will be changing this and that for no reason, it all adds up to unnecessary expense!

A Full  Alternator Testing program, will only cost £45 + VAT, if you have the repairs carried out by us, then the Test is FREE!

As for the replacement cost’s of your Alternator, every one is different, we are more than happy to quote you, where possible we will beat your best price!

You can also opt for a repair, to keep the bill down, this takes a little longer, normally drop the vehicle of to us one day then collect it, all done and finished the next day!

Whatever your problem, please feel free to give us a call or send an email, we will do all we can to help!