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Vehicle Batteries

Can you see what's wrong with this picture?

We supply a whole range of Vehicle Batteries, Motorcycles Batteries, Car Batteries, Commercials Batteries and everything in between!

It never seems to amaze us how little people think about their Car Batteries, the picture above, shows serious problems, which will result in Car Batteries failing! The terminals have become so corroded, the voltage supplied by the Battery is effecting the operation of the Car!

“It’s a New Battery, the Car should start” we must hear this hundreds of times! No a Car Batteries are just a reservoir of power, when it’s Flat it stay’s Flat, there are many reasons why a Battery fails, even a brand new one, can fail, if a Battery comes from the manufacturer charged, but sits on the shelf for months, it will run down! So make sure it’s fully charged before you buy it!

Rest assured, we can test your Battery for FREE, however we always recommend a Full AVR Test, see our section under Alternators Then we can make sure WHY your battery failed.

Battery prices have gone through the roof lately, we have good news for you, our prices are very competitive, while the fitting is FREE too!

Call us for a quote, we will beat any deal.